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In Short SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the “Organic” ranking of your website when someone searches not only your company, but even just your services.  For example:  Lets say Michael has a bakery called “Mikes Baked Goodies”, Now people may not know Mikes Baked Goodies but they are looking for a bakery, so they go on the internet to Google and search “Bakeries in Nelspruit”.  If Michael has a website with proper SEO in place, his website will show in the top of the Google list, then people will find “Evan’s Baked Goodies” without looking for him directly!

Remember if you’re not online with proper SEO in place, your company may as well be invisible.

Although keywords for your website are essential for search engines like Google to recognize your services in order to index your website and raise your google rankings, they simply don’t work the same way as they did in the past and allot of web development companies are implementing outdated technique’s while promising first page results.

It’s not about quantity of keywords for your SEO, it’s about the Quality